Amrutdeep’s Tour


Amrutdeep, a senior Indian order member and Public Preceptor, has just completed a successful tour of six Triratna centres in mainland Europe – Metta Vihara, Ghent, Paris, Essen, Arnhem (pictured) and Amsterdam.

He told the story of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, the great leader of India’s new Buddhist community, as well as of present days heroes such as Siladarshi, a former Mumbai gangster and now Dhammachari. And Alka, who 15 years ago was an illiterate and destitute mother of three.  Today, through her contact with the Dhamma and Triratna, Alka has a Masters degree, co-runs a Karuna/Bahujan Hitay girls hostel in Latur, and is training for ordination.

Members of these six European sanghas generously gave €3,200 to Amrutdeep for his team’s work training up new order members. This is enough to support a new member for the women’s team, helping hundreds like Alka to train in the Dhamma each year.