Our Vision

India Dhamma Trust
MAP-of-triratna-bouddha-mahasanghWe envisage an India where anyone can  

  • transform their life through Buddhist practice
  • train for Ordination and teach the Dhamma
  • help others to fulfil their human potential

The India Dhamma Trust exists to:

  • Make the Buddha’s teachings widely available in India
  • Help create conditions to deepen Buddhist practice in India,
  • Support the Indian Ordination teams and Public Preceptors
  • Realise the unity of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community

We do this by:

  • Supporting core teams to develop Ordination training in India.
  • Developing structures to strengthen the flow of spiritual friendship.
  • Training and supporting fundraisers in India, so that the movement there can progress towards self-reliance.