Help transform the lives of hundreds of men and women in India by giving what you can right now.

Best of all is a regular gift – because it gives our projects a reliable income – though, of course, we appreciate one-off gifts too!

India Dhamma Trust Three-women-in-slum


There are 3 main ways you can help

Regular Monthly Gift

The on-going nature of these is immensely valuable to us, since it enables the strategic planning from which our projects greatly benefit.

Single Gift

If a regular gift is not possible, single donations are also valuable, as they can inject unexpected boosts for our budgeting.

A Gift in your Will

Once the decision is made, the doing is easy! Making a will isn’t hard and can be a relief. As an expression of your values, it could be the most important document you ever write. If you have already made your Will, changing it to include another is also a straightforward procedure.

Visit this website for a simple guide. It will give you a range of useful resources.

Thank you so much for whatever you can give. Please let us know if you are thinking of including the India Dhamma Trust in your Will, or have already done so. If you need help to give, please contact Simhasraddha

Testimonial “I’ve put the India Dhamma Trust in my Will. Being so grateful to the Dhamma for transforming my life, I want to give the same opportunity to others, most of whom I’ll never meet”

Dh. Kusalacitta