India Dhamma Trust

India Dhamma Trust is a UK Registered Charity (No. 1133310) which supports the spread of the Buddhist Dharma in India by raising money to fund the ordination teams and public preceptors who work in India.

Vajratara (Chair), Lalitavyuha (Treasurer), Dhammavijaya (Secretary and Fundraising),Danasamudra (Supporter Care), Kusaladevi, Karunamaya, Satyadasa, Subhuti.

Fundraising Coordinator

India Dhamma Trust Board of Trustees

India Dhamma Trust - Board of Trustees

The India Dhamma Trust exists to help

  • Create good conditions to deepen Dhamma practice in India

  • Make the Dhamma as widely available as possible in India

  • Realise the unity of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community

India Dhamma Trust would like to see an India where anyone who wants to can

  • transform their minds and their lives through the Dharma

  • undertake training for Ordination

  • spread the Dhamma in India

  • give back to their society in any way they can

Dhammavjiaya - Fundraising Coordinator

Dhammavjiaya - Fundraising Coordinator