A Peaceful Revolution

There are millions of Indian Buddhists, but many are oppressed by poverty and caste. Most have little knowledge of what Buddhism is or how to practice it. They are hungry for spiritual transformation and social uplift, and desperate to find genuine and effective teachers and practice communities.

India MenSince 1978 Triratna has trained hundreds of such men and women in the Buddha’s teachings to the point of ordination, and they, in turn, are bringing real change – social as well as personal – to many thousands across India.


The need.

Over 1,500 mitras are currently training for ordination, but there are not enough Preceptors, Order members, structures and resources to support them.   The Indian ordination teams are now raising substantial funds locally in order to grow, but they still need our help.

How you can help.167928_1822689731400_1364934446_2067730_7611484_n

Please give what you can to help our Indian brothers and sisters bring about the historic revival of Buddhism in the land of the Buddha’s birth.

Give Now

Join the Dhamma Revolution and help make the vision a reality.  

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